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megadice 11:24 AM 01-22-2013
Hi Everyone,

I've tried to find this information specifically, however with no success.

A group of 8 families are hoping to start a regular meeting with our 2 year old kids (a daycare? a playgroup? a childcare share?). The plan is Tu/Wed/Thu for 3 hours each day.

We have hired an instructor and assistant. There would be 8 kids, + the child of the instructor who is also 2 years old.

I first of all want to make sure this is legal. And if so do we need any special certification etc.

This is in NYC.

We are considering rotating homes (not likely) or finding a permanent place for the kids to go.

From what I've been able to find it seems like as long as we keep it under 3 hours per day we will be OK. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance!
Blackcat31 02:14 PM 01-22-2013
Welcome to the forum!

I can't say that I can answer your question because it is definitely a unique situation but you maybe able to find some answers here

If not, there is contact info on that link for NY state so you could call the licensing offices and ask them.

Hope that helps.
daycarediva 04:05 PM 01-22-2013
I would call local churches to rent a nursery.

I assume all of the parents would be taking turns watching the kids. 8+ kids kids under 5 to 1 adult? That would be over ratio in NY. I would call the local child care resource office and ask. There is a 'not for pay' issue, short time period, not the same provider. Honestly, most of my kid's birthday parties are WAY over ratios.
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