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Old 06-02-2012, 04:13 PM
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Default Brutal Advice Needed

I have decided to term the infant in the middle of June with a 2 week notice. I've put a lot of heavy thought into this and have made a plan to sort all of this stuff out. Can anyone weigh in, give me a reality check or some positive encouragement that I'm doing the right thing?

Ultimately I want to work out of the home as a nurse. Ideally once pooty booty is in school. However, with the army...we move a lot and my certification would transfer with me when I move making being a daycare provider a alluring job. Especially now that I know I can have the low ratio and the ages I prefer, 9 hour days and still make the income I need.

However... I do like kids. Not all kids. Not most kids. But some kids. Being completely honest here. I tend to prefer 2-5. 2-3 is my favorite. Is this age range totally out if control day care wise? Is it a fairy tale in my head that I like playing and interacting with the pre k ers better than infants? Am I totally off kilter to offer part time and flexible care (the care I needed to go back to work but couldn't find) within my hours of operations? Daycare isn't my ideal job. I'm not a cuddly, softy type of person. I don't like all kids, am perfectly happy with one child and am soooo past the infant stage. I was told unless I have a passion to be a child's everything to not even bother. My outlOok is different. While daycare is a means to an end, I am really looking forward to the hands on activities, the laughter, cuddles during story time and seeing my daughter socializing. I know that not all kids mesh, that there will be challenges ( potty training!) but I am now going into his with a 2 week trial and being very upfron about seeking cohesion and if it's not cohesive, termination will happen.

If my ideal day care situation (1:3 maybe 1:4 ratio, 2-5 ages, open to part time but still only having 9 hour days with field trips and outings) isn't a total day dream is like to do that while taking online courses until I get into the nursing program in a year-18 months. The income from day care would allow me to afford daycare for poot and then prek during nursing school. Could be longer pending deployments, moving or failed tests pushing me back an entire semester into the nursing program.

My husband is supportive. He says I'm completely different with my nephews (ages 5, twins) when they stay for a week than I am with infants (including my own). He said I genuinely enjoy them instead of feeling uneasy and worrying about upsetting an infant. I'm the type that can't do CIO. Wish I could but I can't . He's also realistic that it may not work after all the training and hard work. I really have to thInk this through and outside perspective is so valuable. Especially since home day are is such a big change and a commitment.

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Old 06-02-2012, 04:17 PM
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Crud...autocorrect strikes again. I apologize for typos. TypIng on an iPod sucks.
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Old 06-02-2012, 06:56 PM
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JMHO....doing daycare in your home will about consume your life. If you're not all in I'm not sure you'll be that happy doing it day after day.

While it's great that you can be so honest about the ages you prefer, even if you start with a 2-3 year old they'll grow. Add to that many parents like to have more children when their child hits that toddler stage. If you're not willing or wanting to add younger siblings doing family childcare can be tough.

Most parents prefer to keep one provider through the duration of a child's younger years. It really is in the best interest of the child if it can happen that way. Most providers HATE to terminate care for any child. Whether it's because they're ill and literally can't continue, are overwhelmed, are retiring out or even if they happen to have trouble with the parents or child themselves it's usually an incredibly tough thing to do, as well as an incredibly tough thing for a child to go through.

Unless you offer a very specific preschool program only I'm not sure how you'll be able to stick within that very limited age range indefinitely.
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