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Cat Herder 05:29 AM 03-29-2011
How do you think the following story would have gone if this happened in a Private Home Daycare?

The (removed city) daycare center where a boy was left in a van for hours will get to stay open - with some conditions.

(Removed Name), the owner of (Removed name) Center, signed an agreement stating his daycare will not transport children for the next few months. The owner also agreed to pay a $5,000 fine and his daycare license is on a probationary status for six months.

The (Removed name) Child Care Licensing Office is punishing the daycare for leaving 3-year-old (Removed name) locked in a van without food or air conditioning twice. The boy was left in the van for 45 minutes last month and for three hours earlier this month.

(Removed name) police arrested the daycare's director, (Removed name), for child neglect.

Officers said she left the boy in the van during the second incident and falsified a transportation log.

Now, while the licensing office is holding the center more accountable, another agency appears to be cutting off funding for parents to use the center.

"Right now, I get help through the county with the (Removed name) program and they're not going to allow, as of April 1, this daycare to receive the (Removed name of program),'' said parent (Removed name). "So, as of Friday anybody with (Removed name) can't bring their kids here unless they want to pay full price."

Meanwhile, the stipulated agreement also states that if the center racks up another big violation while on probation, the owner will voluntarily close it down.

Also, (Removed name), who did not wish to speak to (Removed name) News (Removed Chanel), still has to hire a new director. But until that person is in place, he will have to be on site and monitor the day-to-day activities at the center. The agreement also calls for more training for the entire staff.

Zoe 05:32 AM 03-29-2011
So did they leave him in there on purpose, because that's what I gathered from the director falsifying the transportation log. Wow....

Yes, I think that type of neglect in a home daycare would result in jail time and a removal of license. At least.
juliebug 06:01 AM 03-29-2011
wait they left the child in a van unattended twice!!! and can stil be open wow! that is pretty bad!
Meyou 06:24 AM 03-29-2011
There was a child left at a park here last year for over an hour alone near several busy streets. The center was fined and that was all.
momofsix 06:30 AM 03-29-2011
When I look up violations and complaints on my states website, I'm surprised at who they let stay open in home daycares too.
At least the person responsible is being charged and will hopefully face jail time. I could MAYBE see forgetting a child ONE time (not saying it's ok at all obviously) but that would put me on high alert (panic!) to NEVER do it again! That child could have very easily died in that van
I have a feeling that even though they have a llicense, they will soon be out of business. Even if they were able to get current private pay people to stay somehow, without any state funding they will not be able to stay afloat.
Cat Herder 10:29 AM 03-29-2011
I found a bit more

(Name removed) News (Chanel removed) looked through county licensing records and found in June of last year a county inspector noted the daycare wasn't keeping a proper log and wasn't verifying all children were accounted for when being transported.

The (Name removed) Center on (Name Removed) Avenue has been cited for other problems over the years.

They were cited for a child drinking bleach water in 2005 and for lying a baby on its stomach in 2009.

Unregistered 10:47 AM 03-29-2011
In the state of Nevada there license would of been revoked. Our new dc regs just came out and we now have to keep a travel log. Totally unaxceptable in my opinion.
Cat Herder 11:57 AM 03-29-2011
I have been wondering if the difference in treatment is because of the federal funding received (The State, not the Center). With that theory it benefits the States if the centers get more "chances to correct issues" than Home Providers? (I hope that makes sense, it may even be absurd or backwards?)

Maybe it is because they have more scapegoats?

Maybe the press just gets word of it faster?

Is it the massive start up costs and red tape being offset for the centers? I admit I did get the benefit of skipping that and would feel that was a fair trade as long as no child was injured.

My perspective is such that I just am fed up with having more and more rules/regulations to "bring you up to the quality of large centers" (that my parents do not want ) while still getting less pay, having fewer resources or "chances to correct issues".... YKWIM?

I really am curious to understand the other side of this. What am I not seeing? Has anyone been a regulator here?? I would be so excited to hear from you.

Even a couple my lifelong friends that own Large Centers think this is unfair. Other that the start up cost thing Yes, they win that debate every time! Some of their hurdles seem impossible and daunting to me and I do not begrudge them that at all.
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