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Genesis Lady 09:04 AM 06-23-2010
I am a new provider and I have created my enrollment packets and I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow. I was speaking to another provider in my area who states that she requires a photocopy of the parent's identification when enrolling new families. This is not something that I require as a part of my enrollment process. I am now wondering if I should. Do any of you require a copy of the parent's identification for enrollment? If you do can you please explain your reasoning and what you tell the parent's when you request their ID.

QualiTcare 09:13 AM 06-23-2010
i dunno if i would or if you should...but i wouldn't think anything of it as a parent if a provider wanted my ID.

you could tell them it's incase of an emergency and someone other than you needs to ID them when they pick up their child. i used to have to ask for IDs at a daycare i worked at if i didn't recognize someone and they'd get annoyed if they had to go back to the car or didn't have it or something.
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