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awestbrook713 03:11 PM 11-09-2011
So spoke with my sister today who works with of my dcm's. This is the mom from my post term or not. Apparently she told my sister she won't be staying. She has her appointment with the doctors tomorrow to be released back to work. My sister believes she is supposed to be back monday, I have not heard anything about me watching the baby. I feel relieved atleast I know. If I don't hear anything by monday I will txt mom and ask if she knows when shes going back and I am hoping this will start the I am not going to be staying conversation. If it doesn't I will let her stay and act like I don't know and require her to give me her final answer on the december 1st deadline. I will then tell her I will be looking for a replacement family and that she will need to find someone else by the new year. Shes made it clear she doesn't want to pay my new rate but she didn't want to pay my old rate either, I think she just wants everything for free.

So that situation is over but I found out more news, my cousin who is close with this other mom because shes dating her nephew told my sister that my cousin will be having her older son watch his little sister in the summer. And I will be clear I am not holding her spot since I didn't want to watch for family anyways.

So it looks like I will be losing 3 kids but I have one under two waiting for a spot with the same schedule as the baby I am losing, another mom whos older daughter I couldn't fit in but now will be, so I guess that leaves me 8 months to look for a replacement for my cousins daughter.

A weight has been lifted and everything is looking up!!!
beachgrl 08:47 AM 11-10-2011
So happy for you that you are getting things hubby has been telling me this week to run my business with an iron fist lol! Good luck, that is plenty of time to get a replacement!
Christian Mother 11:14 AM 11-10-2011
That is awesome girlie!! Then you can start fresh for the new yr!! Doesn't it feel good to clean house so to speak?!
Tags:openings, parent - unrealistic expectations
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