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tenderhearts 02:04 PM 10-05-2010
So I decided to take the dcb that is in kindergarten. He's here not quite 3 1/2hours per day, but all day on no school days. Today I started second guessing myself if I made the "right" decision to do this. Yes I have a contract that gives me the 2 week trial period but I also don't want to give up too quickly.
Today a couple things occured that I'm not sure if he was just having a bad day or if this is going to be his "true" self. First incident one of my dcg asked if she could play the leapfrog computer, I said maybe we'll see when we're done with activities. The other boy starts telling her, (very close to this can't remember word for word) "hey, I get to play on there, I haven't had a turn, it should be my turn, I'm playing on there." dcg said "well I get to play on there first since I asked", he says no that's not fair you're being mean. He said that as I was trying to talk to him. I explained to him that isn't the way we talk to someone and he just kept saying but I want to play on there as he's holding his head like he's either going to cry or get mad(looked like he was going to cry), I asked him if he needed to go in the other room to "cool" down then we can talk, he said no, I said ok, explained to him we dont' talk that way to someone then told him that she asked me and if I allow it she would play first then if he can act nicely he could have a turn after her. He said sorry and was calm while talking with him.
Then we were playing bingo and he won the first game, then the next 3 games he didn't win and he started to get mad, saying that isn't fair, he wont 2 games I didn't and started to pout. I told him it's ok not to win all the time, that's how playing games works, some times we win some times we don't. I didn't say if he's going to pout he wont be able to play but I'm not sure that would be "teaching" him how to play. Now I know that it's some what common for kids that age to have difficulties with this, I've experienced it but mainly with an only child but he has an older sibling. This boy is NOT shy at all, I dont' obviously want to give up on these 2 incidents but I had a boy that had anger issues and he finally left I just don't want that again, oh and the other boy was a very sore loser and although I know it's some what normal I think the other boys extreme is sticking in my head.
How would you guys handle these situations? Mainly the sore loser one? thanks
Lucy 03:16 PM 10-05-2010
I think the fact that he said sorry while you were talking to him is a good sign. He just needs time to mold to your ways and expectations. I find that new kids around that age are usually going to test you at first. I've never had a problem with them not conforming.
tenderhearts 08:09 PM 10-05-2010
Thanks Joyce I sure hope so. I know school age kids can be more difficult and that's one reason I really hesitated in taking him, but the money is something I really could use plus only a little over 3 hours isn't THAT long.
BentleysBands 04:43 AM 10-06-2010
i agree that he said sorry ...but i loathe older kids cant stand their mouthes !! i have one that is so sassy even the parents r stressed with her. she cant keep her hands to herself,etc....i cant wait for the bus in the mornings LOL sorry to over take your post...just keep positive
tenderhearts 07:34 AM 10-06-2010
Thanks, I'll give it forsure the 2 weeks but I'm just not wanting someone "ruining" the great new group I have. It's been heaven since my last tyrant left.
Lilbutterflie 07:37 AM 10-06-2010
I think he was displaying normal behavior for his age. I have two four year old brothers (different moms) that say and do things like that to each other and other kids. No matter what I do, sharing is one of our biggest struggles. Just be consistent about your expectations, hopefully he'll get better!
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