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JennyBear 06:03 AM 10-01-2011
So, I'm new to this whole home daycare provider scene and I'd like to start off by saying I really enjoy it! I'm still learning a tonne but so far it's going pretty well for me.
I have two things I'd like to brag about

#1: I have a VERY difficult time with confrontation, and one of the things that has worried me about getting into this business is dealing with parents. I'm normally the type to nod and smile and even bend over backwards to avoid any type of confrontation.
So here's where I get to brag... This one family has been really pissing me off lately, taking advantage of me, not calling when son will be sick/late, etc (and soo much more..) This has been going on for about 2 months now and I always just tried to keep my mouth shut or struggle with speaking up (when I did). This whole week they have kept their son home from dc (because of a fever of 38,lol and no other symptoms) but 3 out of the 5 days they didn't even call me. I was LIVID! How disrespectful is that??!! So on Thursday evening I picked up the phone and laid into this family (professionally) and terminated his care immediately. The parents were so taken back (I think they thought they could get away with all of this forever). It feels so good to actually stand up for myself and my new business that I just wanted to share with others that could relate

#2: (this one makes me tear up)
I have this family that at first made me nervous because the mom had so much anxiety about her 10 month old boy going into daycare. So much that she wanted to come with him for 30 minutes one day and 1 hour another day just to make sure he would be okay. So I thought this family was going to be the micromanaging family. Here's where I get to brag....THIS IS THE BEST FAMILY EVER! Both parents treat me with so much respect and are very professional with me. They have supported me with everything I have done so far and tell me how much they love everything i'm doing. Their son has been here now for a month and each week his mom drops off a bag full of supplies and snacks for the daycare (kleenex, lysol wipes, diaper genie refills, juice, cheerios, goldfish crackers). She makes it clear to me that they want to do this as they are both teachers and know what it's like to purchase all this kind of stuff with your own money. I keep telling them that I budget for these things and it's not necessary and they continue to tell me that it's the least they could do to thank me for the care I provide for their son. It doesn't stop there either...2 days ago the mom told me that come summer time they will be taking their son out of daycare so they can enjoy summer as a family. She has made it perfectly clear to me that in no way are they willing to loose his spot once school starts again so they plan on paying me for the entire summer (full rate!) for their son not to attend! (and it's not even like they have tons of money to just throw around). I felt so great about this, and that I had a family that thought so highly of me. But wait!! There's more!! I had to close the daycare on Monday because my daughter was sick, and then on on Tuesday and Wednesday they cancelled care (with plenty of notice) because their son was sick. I don't charge anything when I cancel daycare, and parents are only charged a lower rate when they cancel. So because of all this, there bill was low this week and I was expecting a reduced income. On Friday, she hands me the envelope with money in it (as usual) and when I opened it was the full weeks pay with a wonderful letter saying that they expect to pay full rate for their son's illness as I should not have to have less income because of their child's illness and thanked me for the care their sons receives. I cried when I read this letter! This family has been amazing so far (normally the pessimistic side of me wouldn't get my hopes up and expect this family to change in the near future, but I truly think they are just amazing people that want to do kind things).

Anyway, thanks for reading my long post. I just feel that I've had a pretty great week and have grown and wanted to share with others can can relate. (oh and btw...I ended up filling that terminated boys spot the next day...they start Monday)
MN Mom 06:24 AM 10-01-2011
Yay for you!!! I'm so glad things are going well for you so far!!!
laundrymom 03:25 PM 10-01-2011
Wow they sound awesome!! And I am proud of ya for sticking for yourself
Zoe 09:02 PM 10-01-2011
That. Is. Excellent! How awesome for you! Thanks for sharing both of those stories!!!
Christian Mother 09:18 PM 10-01-2011
How wonderful!! It's so nice to feel appreciated and when parents notice how hard we work...telling us how much they love and recognize all the small things and makes all the difference. Welcome to the forum by the way!!
MommieNana4 01:45 PM 10-02-2011
This is great! I am glad that you have these thoughtful parents. It make caring for the children so much smoother.
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