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kitkat 12:07 PM 09-26-2012
DD turned 4 the middle of this month. This week I discovered that she can sound out and read words. This brings up the subject of reading vs memorizing books. I have a dcg (4.5) saying she can "read" a certain book. I feel like it takes something away from the child who actually CAN read, but maybe I'm overthinking it. I had this same issue with DS when he was 4 and learning to read. I think I explained it by saying he was reading the words and letters and the other kid was reading the pictures, but I can't remember.

Do you differentiate reading and memorizing when a child says they can read a book? If so, what do you say? I just want to be able to find a way to respect each child's ability.
canadiancare 12:22 PM 09-26-2012
No. In my opinion reading is power and recognising pictures and remembering the story is a form of early reading. You don't need to point out that one child is "really reading" when another isn't. The same way you wouldn't point out that one person's drawing of a face is a real face because it has all the features and another's isn't because it only has eyes and a smile.

The point is to foster a love of books and learning.
daycare 12:30 PM 09-26-2012
I agree with the above....

the fact that they are even sitting down with a book and trying to even think of a story is absolutely wonderful. The fact that they are making it up is also great, as it helps foster their imagination.

I teach zoo phonics as my main program and all of my kids leave here reading easy reader books. Well that is if they complete the program and some are much better than others, but I congratulate them all the same.

At this age, I don't feel that it is important they they know how to read or not. What is important is that they are taught those things that school will not teach them.
SquirrellyMama 12:45 PM 09-26-2012
I also don't differentiate between the two. I really don't think it takes away from anyone. They are at different levels of reading. I would just say to encourage any form of reading.

familyschoolcare 12:50 PM 09-26-2012
With the curent learning thoeries the children are taught in Kindy to look at the picture for context clues when learning to read. It is considered a early form or stage in reading.
kitkat 01:27 PM 09-26-2012
Thanks everyone
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