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care-care 02:50 PM 02-16-2011
Ok i am adding info into mmk and I have some time that i spent touching up paint, putting in plug covers, installing fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide dectors u get the idea.. if it was done before daycare time( when children where her for day) do i add the hours up to apply for time space??
Abigail 08:47 PM 02-16-2011
Any time you spend as prep work for your daycare before/after daycare kids are there you can claim. It's the same concept as time spent cleaning before/after daycare, you count those hours because it's for your business.
TomCopeland 11:01 AM 02-17-2011
Abigail is correct. In addition, you can count the time you are putting all your records into MM!

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