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catinthebox 12:27 AM 08-09-2017
Yesterday when i was outside with the kids getting ready to leave to the pool. I was walking with the boys to the restroom when i saw a lady waving at me from a far and as she got closer i saw it was one of my kids mom. As we got closer she held out her arms and gave me a hug that made me feel shocked because no parents had ever gave me a hug before.

At that moment i felt appreciated and a sense of happiness. This was the same feeling when one of the kids mom who is a teacher brought all the staff a gift card to starbucks but i didn't care about the gift card, but the fact that she actually took her time to write a few sentences r thanking us for taking care of her kids. made me overwhelm of joy.

I also, would like to say that all of you guys are appreciated even if the parents or the kids dont show it. You guys are an important part of these kids lives even if it is just a job, these kids will remember your kindness, and your efforts in correcting their mistakes by helping them learned from right from wrong.
Josiegirl 03:23 AM 08-09-2017
Awwww, that's sweet!
Sometimes this job does feel pretty thankless when you're trying to please everyone, it's draining, discouraging, exhausting, maddening, etc., etc. BUT when a child's eyes sparkle at you smiling, or they can't wait to get to dc so they can show or tell you something, or like the other day when my almost 9 yo dcg(she's been here since she was a year old) wrapped herself around me in a huge hug which she hadn't done in quite awhile. I always tend to read too much into parents' actions and reactions, especially if I feel it's something negative towards me. 99% of the time it's something in a whole different part of their personal word.

Thank you for keeping my eyes open for the good in what we do each day. I needed that, being just Wednesday and all.
Ariana 08:55 AM 08-09-2017
That is wonderful! When I worked in a centre I found the parents to be much nicer and MUCH more appreciative. I wonder if it because they don't blame us for the policies as much.

I was at one centre when I first started out where the parents begged the owner to give me more $$ to convince me to stay (I had gotten a union job and would be making considerably more). It felt pretty good to be so loved!! In the end the payraise couldn't compete so I left
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