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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Rhyme Rules .. Ideas Please!?
sariejohnston 12:55 PM 02-02-2012
Okay i decided to make a classroom Chart to put in my room... I need some help the only thing i can think of that rhymes is "if you hit you must sit" what can i use for running, biting, sharing toys and being nice to friends... Any ideas?
AfterSchoolMom 02:13 PM 02-02-2012
Walking feet, or in your seat?

Think twice, be nice?

That's all I've got.
Blackcat31 02:23 PM 02-02-2012
I think your are probably not going to find rhyming words for all of those so I, personally, would find a cute, catchy phrase or just one thing you just always say for each of those issues/topics and just use it frequently enough that it sticks in their brains.....kwim?

For example, I say " We have rules to keep us safe." a bajillion times sometimes and if I even start to utter the word "rules" any daycare kid from anywhere within the house will suddenly say "TO KEEP US SAFE!!!"
NiciMeyers84 08:12 AM 02-03-2012
With the children I work with, my favorite is, "Please walk, don't run, falling is no/not fun."
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