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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Funshine Fsers...How/Where Do you Display Everything?
SunflowerMama 11:50 AM 04-18-2010
I will start using Funshine for my dcks in May and should receive my starter package and May's packet this Tuesday.

I was looking at everything that is included and just wondering how you have it all set-up in your home. Is it all displayed on a single bulletin board?

I already have a huge pocket Weather/Calendar chart that I use for circle time and just don't know where I'll put my Funshine resources and if I need to think about possible adding a bulletin board in that same room.

Pictures would be great of your Funshine "set-up". Thanks everyone!!
originalkat 03:31 PM 04-18-2010
I use Funshine Express and like all of the lesson plans and activities. But I don't really care for the visual aid stuff included in the starter set. They just are not my personal taste so I just dont use them.

But this is my circle time set up. In the pockets at the bottom I keep color, shape, number, alphabet flashcards, and the calendar numbers.

Daycare Mommy 03:34 PM 04-18-2010
I like that alot OriginalKat. Where did you get it?
originalkat 03:40 PM 04-18-2010
Originally Posted by Daycare Mommy:
I like that alot OriginalKat. Where did you get it?
I got it at It really looks like this when you buy it and it comes with all the cards and display materials. I just tweeked it to make it more usable for myself by velcroing a full calendar onto the one part of the chart.

TGT09 06:17 PM 04-18-2010
I use all the stuff that came with the starter kit but I like that above much better. I like what all came with it just fine...I have it all displayed on one wall sort of around my bulletin board. I display the crafts for a few days on the bulletin board before sending them home.

I also have a dry erase board on the lower portion of the wall for school-age kids to practice stuff on. I display it all in that vicinity. Not sure how much this helps. :-)

P.S. I feel like if I spread it all out, then it's more overwhelming to the kids.
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