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Unregistered 10:28 AM 04-06-2017
I have an 8 month old that I have had since he was 3 months old. He is a terrible napper. He takes 15-30 minute naps every 3-4 hours while here. So most days he has 2-3 naps. On days that he cries for 15-20 minutes before falling asleep, he only sleeps 15 minutes at a time. If he falls asleep quickly, he will sleep 30 minutes. My saving grace is that, for the most part, he is happy in between naps. The kicker though........he sleeps 11-13 uninterrupted hours at night! He naps the same at home as he does here. It just is crazy to me that he can sleep so well at night, but can't sleep decently during the day. I would guess that eventually as he ages towards one, he will get better with napping?
Ariana 08:31 PM 04-06-2017
Do you get him up as soon as he wakes crying? I have a 14 month old who cries for 20 minutes, falls asleep for an hour, wakes and cries again, then sleeps again. She has been with me for 6 weeks now and only comes two days a week but is starting to learn that she only gets up when nap time is over. The crying jag between her naps is getting shorter and I am hoping she stops waking altogether.
Unregistered 07:52 AM 04-07-2017
No, I usually let him cry for 10-15 minutes before going in to pick him up. Yesterday when I put him down for his third nap, he cried for about 10 minutes and then stopped and started "talking". He did this for another 10 minutes and then cried some more before I finally just got him up. So he was awake from 12:30 until pick up at 4:45 and his second nap was only 15 minutes.
Blackcat31 08:05 AM 04-07-2017
8 months in general is tough. IME, it seems a lot of kids have napping issues around the 6-9 month age (especially 7-8 months). I am sure there is some developmental reason or cause but that doesn't make it easy to manage though....

I hate to say it, but some kids are just not day time sleepers. My son was this way. He cat napped. Never napping for more than 30-45 minutes at most but slept through the night without issue.

I figured, he would outgrow it or get more accustomed to day sleeping as he aged/grew towards 1 yrs old.....nope never happened. He abruptly stopped napping all together around 15-16 months and that was that.

If this little guy is not a good napper and has never really been a good napper, the possibility is there that he probably isn't going to be. ever.

I guess the way I see it is, as long as he is happy and content without naps, it's totally do able.

As he grows older into toddler-hood, I would definitely continue to teach him how to rest quietly by putting him down every day at the same time and just letting him play/amuse himself quietly.

When rest time is over, get him up. His body clock will adjust to the down time and although he may not actually sleep he is still getting the benefits of down time.
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