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Pestle 10:34 AM 10-04-2019
Two of my toddlers aged out and I've got two infants right now so's I can grow some more toddlers. One is 7 mos and transitioned in smoothly. The other is 10 mos, we're at the end of our first full-time week, and separation anxiety is running the show. They're doing that thing where every exhalation is a whine. We're on a nap- and food-strike that breaks once a day to refuel for more complaining. Yesterday they explored and played . . . while grumbling constantly for 45 minutes without a pause.

The other kids are on edge, I'm overeating, and I can't wait until we get to the point where Miss Pestle's house isn't the WORST THING that has EVER HAPPENED. Being a baby is hard.
Ms.Kay 11:25 AM 10-04-2019
Omg....Im in the same boat!!!!! 1 yr old never been in daycare setting...with a 20 yr old nanny 2 days a week......holy screamer!!!!!! My head hurts everyday!!!! Kids say he is too loud!!!! I have a 1 month date noted on the calendar. Kid barely feeds himself...and refuses to drink out of a sippy cup. Kay's boot camp time. Second infant starts in 2 wks..."preschools" are starting at 2yrs old here and are killing home daycares. May the baby gods look down upon you and smile!
jenboo 11:36 AM 10-04-2019
Only take kids under 24 months.

I. Feel. Your. Pain.

storybookending 11:54 AM 10-04-2019
Same here. Baby started last week at 9 weeks and it was ROUGH. I almost cried one day. I was so exhausted at nights. She is turned around this week and we have figured each other out. Another one starts next month, sheíll be 11 weeks when she starts. Everyone else has been over 2 for awhile and my youngest didnít even start here as a small baby so it has been a hot minute since we have any babies here. The two I lost were my biggest helpers and now my two oldest are my challenging ones.
rosieteddy 12:19 PM 10-04-2019
You all deserve a treat this weekend.Sleep eat ,read a good book whatever pleases you.I do not envt you ,babies are hard.
AmyKidsCo 02:01 PM 10-04-2019
Stop - you're scaring me! I'll have a 3 mo old starting in November and I'm not looking forward to it. I decided not to take any infants under 10 mo except siblings, and now I've got this one plus another waiting for the next opening.
Ariana 02:45 PM 10-04-2019
I am right there with you except mine is 16 months and the most miserable toddler I have ever seen in my life. Zero language just whine.
Josiegirl 08:42 AM 10-05-2019
I love babies! Especially if they don't scream, and do sleep well.

Good luck to all of you in hopes your babies turn around soon and fit smoothly in your environment!
knoxmomof2 08:39 AM 10-07-2019
Just remember : this too shall pass. It gets better, but hugs to you until then
Lil_Diddle 10:55 PM 10-07-2019
Iím considering not taking infants anymore. Iím getting older and just donít have the patience for all the needs. Iíd really like to focus on preschool age. But with our town adding a free preschool I donít know. Also, babies grow up and keep me in business. I love them, Iíve just never been a big baby person, I love the preschool age.
flying_babyb 07:42 PM 10-08-2019
daycare teacher here. 8 kids. 3 babies (6 months, 8 months, 9 months), three one year olds, 3 two year olds. Most of the kids have been with us awhile. 8 month old one only screams when hungry, 8 month old 2 screams whenever and 6 month old screams constantly (its her second day). The one 1 year old is new too, hes another screamer. ALL DANG DAY!! So three screaming kids, two teachers. I leave with a headache daily, i feel your pain
LK5kids 07:31 PM 10-12-2019
When I re-opened last November I decided not to take infants under one year. Best decision for me ever!! Other people thrive on infants. Not me! Never been a huge infant fan!
Pestle 11:31 AM 10-14-2019
Yeah, we're not seeing improvement three weeks in. 10 mos, doesn't hold own bottle at home, is rocked to sleep, still on hunger strikes most of the day here and fussing continuously if not in the stroller or napping.

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