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c2lane 09:46 AM 09-08-2011
Hi all,
I am currently home on maternity leave with our unexpected blessing. I am scheduled to go back to work in October

We have 2 girls; 7.5 & 6 yrs. Back when we had our first DD I had thought about opening a small family daycare and even went as far as taking a few workshops at the local child developement resource center and became CPR certified. However, it never transpired and we loved our daycare/preschool the girls attended.

Recently I was looking in our area for a daycare/preschool closer to home and what I saw out there was disheartening. I wouldn't leave my dog at some of these homes So it got me thinking about what I'm looking for a in small family daycare. We have an ideal situation in that we rent out our front home and this is where I would run the daycare/preschool.

I'm nervous about quitting my job, losing our health benefits and steady income but I feel there is a big need for quality care in our area. I have looked into taking ECE classes at our local community college but all the courses are full for Fall.

My goal is to be up and running within the next 2 years, sooner if I can't bear being back at my real job

Any suggestions on how to use this site?

Michael 10:29 AM 09-08-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
c2lane 10:35 AM 09-08-2011
Thank you! I'm still trying to navigate this site
Blackcat31 10:56 AM 09-08-2011
Welcome! Stay and share!!

I would do alot of research about what kinds of needs are in your area and what rates should be. We have a few members on this forum from Cali and alot of them are having trouble filling spaces. There are a wide variety of homes and centers out there to meet all the different needs of the parents who are looking so knowing what the current need is in your community is a definite must.

I hope you are able to pick up a few pointers from this forum and also find it a welcoming place of support and encouragment!

Remember, we have all been beginners before too so don't be shy about asking anything!!
c2lane 11:27 AM 09-08-2011
Thanks for the welcome.

In speaking with the local referral program, I have been told that they are in need of home daycares in my particular area. Most of the homes I personally went and looked at had limited openings and many families coming to interview.

Again, for me this is something I want to do right and not jump into. I'm setting a 2 year goal and will see where things lead me in the next few months.

Our home is in very good central location. I believe it will be appealing to families as the home will be soley for the daycare, lots of space and still homey. At least this is what I'm envisioning and will be striving for
Blackcat31 11:55 AM 09-08-2011
Sounds like you have a good plan. I think if you hang out here long enough you will pick up plenty of dos and don'ts about how to be a home provider.

There are a few of us (me included) that run our home daycares out of homes that no one actually lives in. I am still a home based daycare with a homey feel but just don't live here. Been doing it this way for almost two decades and it works very well for me.

Good luck and hope to see you joining in the conversations!!
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