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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Whoa! Receiving Referrals & I Haven't Advertised Yet!
smb757 09:11 PM 01-29-2012
A little back story - i decided to "get my toes wet" as far as daycare before completely taking the plunge. I currently watch a couple of kiddos PT in the mornings. I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant (with #3) & my hubby will be switching his shift about 5 or 6 weeks after i habe the baby, so that we can have 2 providers. So I'm going to quit my job and do daycare FT. We are not planning to run at capacity, instead we'll keep our PT crew, take on 2-3 FT kids, and offer drop-in to my hubby's coworkers.

Anyway, I had an interview with an expectant mom today that went really well. I've been emailing another expectant mom who is VERY interested since she wants to cloth diaper & I cloth diapered both of my children. Then I posted on FB about my productive day, including that my interview went well. Then a friend of a friend sent me a message asking for details. Apparently her husband is a stay-at-home dad, but is thinking about going back to work!

I mean I'm not holding my breath, but there's a possibility that I could fill all of my open spots without advertising! Whoa! I guess I should get moving on getting licensed, September will be here before I know it!
Mary Poppins 09:15 PM 01-29-2012

Sounds like you are off to a great start!! Congrats and I hope it works out for you.
Daycaremomof2 08:30 AM 01-30-2012
Since you are pregnant, I would just caution you against taking an infant younger than 12 months, as of when your baby is due, especially if you don't have an assistant. Infants require a lot of attention, and you may have to choose between your own newborn baby and someone else's infant, if both are crying at the same time, which was hard for me. I ended up terming the other infant and now have a rule that I will never watch another child younger than my youngest.

Congrats on the referrals! Good luck!
smb757 10:02 AM 01-30-2012
Oh yes, we will have 2 providers. And three technically while I'm still recovering from my c/s. I plan on barking orders from the couch! :-)

I have a few friends with little ones right around DD's age (my second born) that I would watch regularly. I got very proficient with nursing my baby on ones side and holding a bottle to feed another on the other! Haha!

It will be a little crazy for the first few months, but it is so fun to have kiddos the same age when they get a little more interactive! :-)
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