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Unregistered 11:01 AM 05-06-2010
I was just wondering does anymore offer incentives for parents to choose your daycare? Like referring other children, discounts, vacations days, etc?
DBug 11:10 AM 05-06-2010
When I first started, I handed out cards that were good for 10% off the first week of care. I never had to actually give the discount though Once word of mouth got started, things (and kids) snowballed, so I haven't considered offering another discount since then. However, if I were to do some incentive, it would be to offer current families some kind of discount for referring other families to me. Word of mouth really is the best advertising in our business, and I'd do my best to encourage it
jen 11:17 AM 05-06-2010
Personally, I don't offer financial incentives. The providers in my area who are offering incentives rarely have the services that I do...and the providers who do have similar programs don't offer incentives.

If a current parent filled a spot for me, I would probably give them a gift card in appreciation, but it wouldn't be an advertised thing or a policy, just a nice gesture.
Janet 11:20 AM 05-06-2010
I actually offer a pretty nice incentive for referral. I give 1 week of free daycare. It seems like a little much, but heres the deal. I live way out in BFE and it's a haul to get out to my house. I have gotten 2 full time families by the same family so in the end it's totally worth it. Also, I don't give the incentive until I have a signed contract AND the family has been attending for at least 2 weeks. It works for me!
tymaboy 11:48 AM 05-06-2010
If a parent refers me to someone & they start after a month of the new family being in care I will give a discount. The discount all depends on what I can afford at the time & the receiving family doesnt know the difference since I do not have it written that I do this.
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