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alyssyn 09:33 PM 08-12-2010
Not long ago there was a thread about some of you that give parents incentives for referring you to new families. There were some really good ideas and I can't find the thread.
Would some of you mind sharing again? Thanks!!
Michael 10:37 PM 08-12-2010
Maybe this one?
Abigail 11:01 PM 08-12-2010
I read through those on the previous thread and liked the idea of offering a gift card or something more than offering a discount. I would advertise saying that if a family gets another family to sign-on with your daycare, then they will receive a "gift of thanks" meaning you could put together a little gift basket or something for them or simply just a gift card to a place where they can bring their children or even just a place for mom and dad. Zoo gift cards, carousel skate gift cards, or chucky cheese gift cards for the kids. Barnes & Noble gift cards or restaurant gift cards for the parents. This is much more affordable and you can always choose the amount.

Maybe you get gift cards for free through your credit card rewards or something like I do! LOL, I always get Barnes and Noble gift cards from my rewards cards and then I have them handy if someone's birthday pops up since they have things for children and adults, it's perfect! he he.
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