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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Should I Put the Bad Daycare on My Resume?
Unregistered 06:25 AM 08-26-2019
I worked in a bad daycare for one month. I recently quit. That daycare was my first daycare job. I have some volunteer experience from a few years ago where I volunteered at a church daycare and some babysitting experience . Should I put the bad daycare on my resume? I was only there for a month. Should I just not put the time I worked there?
boy_mom 07:42 AM 08-26-2019
Nope, definitely not. Is this the daycare that had the swearing teacher? If you reported the center i would definitely leave it off your resume, as they could retaliate with a bad reference to furture employers, plus you way not want that on your resume if it is known to be a bad location.
Michael 12:58 PM 08-26-2019
Agree. You have to start from scratch on a new position and daycare in order to use them as positive experience. It was only a month and a good learning experience for you but not for future potential job positions.
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