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theflyingflamingo 07:03 AM 02-25-2010
Where do you go to find out about grants?
Crystal 07:36 AM 02-25-2010
Very unlikely that you will get grants, unless you are a registered non-profit. In 13 years of business, I have never found a grant that was offered to for-profit programs.
booroo 07:54 AM 02-25-2010
Check your state, they have grants for daycares. Look on your state Child services website, or call your local Child care office.
MarinaVanessa 08:39 AM 02-25-2010
I agree that unless you are starting a new business or are a non-profit it is very unlikely that you will find any grants but it is possible. I applied for grants when I was starting up but didn't get any probably because of the amount of applicants and not enough money or maybe because of my grant proposal. The grants that are available are for people that are starting up a business (any business) so I can imagine how many peeople applied. Other grants that I heard about that weren't for new daycares had requirements and/or limitations.

For example:
Immunization Information Systems Capacity Building Grant funded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Varies in grant award money but yearly about $700,000 which is devided up into whoever they choose. You have to make sure that all children are immunized at all times (which means that YOU have to make sure that all kids are current in their immunizations), go through specific training that they ask you to go to. It was unclear but from the information that I got it looked like you'd get grant money to pay for training on immunizations and maintaining records of immunizations and whatever was left you could keep and use for the daycare.

I would also try your Child Resource and Referal Agency. They may know more about specific grants for Daycare and can with who to help you with your grant proposal.

If you are still interested in grants go to There's a lot there but mostly for schools, research facilities and non-profits. Expect to fish through hours of grants and the grant process is difficult. Have a business plan and search for a site to help you with your grant application. The application itself can be rather long also. They check credentials, verify identity etc. to make sure that you'll be using the money for your daycare or business. Good Luck.
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