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svnnhjackson 08:51 PM 05-02-2010
Hi does anyone know how I get gov't grants for a daycare?
originalkat 08:45 AM 05-03-2010
No, I don't. But you might just want to do a seach on the internet and see what is out there.
booroo 10:33 AM 05-03-2010
Some state family devices offer start up grants and other grants to child care providers!
Golden Rule 10:55 AM 05-03-2010
When you applied with your state for "registration/licensure" you should have been given info. If not, just contact them and they will have info.

If you did not apply, I am not sure you would be eligible. Again, google search would be a good start. Sorry, wish I could help more.

In my experience they were not worth the hoops set on fire they make you jump through... but some are quite substantial.
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