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Abigail 07:41 PM 07-29-2010
If I have two smaller sized rooms in the basement and the entire basement living room for daycare use, how should I organize it?

I want to have 1-2 small tables with chairs for the kids in the basement for craft time. I will have a book shelf and toy shelf and infant zone for two infants. What should I use each room for? I was thinking one room could be a sleeping room for everyone where a crib and the cots are kept. I was thinking the other room could be the dramatic play room for larger sets of toys that could be rotated out like a tool set, house set, or barbies, etc. Should I just keep a craft area, circle time, and smaller toys in the living room? i'm just not sure what to do.
melskids 03:28 AM 07-30-2010
oh i wish i had that much space!!!

one room for active play would be cool when you cant get outside. balls, jump ropes, tumbling mats, maybe even a climber...etc.

dont forget youre gonna need room for a lot of storage!!!! i have stuff piled up everywhere cause we just dont have the storage space. i'm almost considering buying a shed to keep it all in.
boysx5 04:36 AM 07-30-2010
I use my basement for daycare and I have a bedroom down there that I use for storage and most days its full of stuff. I have one side with the pack and plays and then the other half is for toys and my carpet for circle time and t.v. computer and just room for them to run and play. We also have a ping pong table that I would love to get rid of my boys hardly use it but we use that table for arts and crafts so its nice to have but takes up more space.
JenNJ 05:01 AM 07-30-2010
I would use one small room for naps/reading area. The other room would be the arts and crafts room - no ore worrying about storing scissors and craft materials where kids can get them, just close the door and they are locked away.
momofsix 06:10 AM 07-30-2010
i use my basement too, just one large room set up w/ the different areas. I would LOVE to have a seperate room for large motor stuff-climber, bikes...
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