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atazelaar 03:00 PM 05-29-2009
I'm starting an in-home day care currently very small. I have one permenant client and another child that is off and on. The problem is with my permenant client. Before I knew what I was getting into we agreed on 300 per month. After the first month I only had the little girl (3 month old) for 75 hours. but by the 4th month it was up to 120 hours. We did not sign a formal contract but they are threatening to go some where else if I raise my rates.

Need some insight.
Unregistered 05:05 AM 05-30-2009
You are entitled to raise your rates, especially in these economic times and also because of the hour change that the child is there. If they are threatening to leave you over a rate raise, I would let them. Another option would be to tell them (in a letter) that your rates will be raising if the child's hours are not brought back down to 75. I am not exactly sure how to put the wording though. It sounds to me like they are not setting a good example for their child...throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get what they want. As a day care provider, I am always leary of parents who try to intimidate me. I have had it happen a few times and once they get the upper hand they never stop and it only gets harder and harder to put your foot down as time goes by. Good Luck.
Unregistered 02:24 PM 05-30-2009
Do a contract even if they are your only family! It will cut down any headache later and you'll have it ready for future families. It doesn't have to be very formal, but they sound like a family that you need to be very specific and firm with. If they balk at it, just explain that you have been doing research on in home care and found that it is important for everyone that there be a contract. In the contract you can put your rules, rates, and hours of care that you will be providing for the family. If they still can't handle it, show them the door.
mac60 05:20 AM 06-01-2009
Yes, you need to get this in writing. This is a perfect example of parents taking total advantage of you. This is why providers have been forced into handbooks/contracts.

You need to state that *** hours to *** hours is a certain price.
Then *** hours to ***x is another price. Or, however you will charge.
Unregistered 06:15 AM 06-05-2009
hello i just started watching my freinds son she works but the state pays her child care she told me they would pay about 600 month and she told me that she has to pay some out of her pocket i just found out i will be getting about 575.00 total a month for 170 hrs month her son is 2yrs old i think i should get about 4 dollars hrs what do u think
mac60 08:55 AM 06-05-2009
I don't know what your typical rates are in your area, but based on the rates posted, I would say your are getting paid extremely well considering what we make in my area, which is about $380 per month for a 45 to 50 hour week.
tymaboy 12:24 PM 06-05-2009
In my area the going rate is $2.25- $2.80 an hour.
Unregistered 05:37 PM 06-12-2009
You all need to move....

As parents, we pay $340 per week and that's for a center with 8-11 other children in the room. Best deal in town unfortunately.
byoshimura 08:08 AM 06-15-2009
I can understand your concern over raising your rates might make the parents leave. The best way around this is to do frequent surveys of other daycares, homes and centers.

Just make sure your rates are in line with the other surrounding daycares and you will be fine.

Rate increase yearly is perfectly acceptable.
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