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Unregistered 11:50 AM 08-05-2011
I am a small in home daycare, I have all part time kids. I have one family that has 3 children 6,5,2. THe mom pays 120 a week for parttime kids.The mom crabs every week that she just cant afford to pay this. Am I over charging for 3 days? Please help
mom2many 12:05 PM 08-05-2011
Idk where you are located or if they are with you for a full day...but I would charge $100 per day ($30/day for each school aged child & $40/day for the preschooler) for that family or $300 a week, so I'd say she's getting one heck of a deal!
DaycareMama 06:33 PM 08-05-2011
Like PP said it depends how long the kids are there but I think she is getting a great deal also!
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