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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Do You Hand Holding Summer Spots?
Sprouts 08:16 PM 01-16-2012
I have a parent (friend/aquaintance) who wants me to start watching her baby in February, she is a teacher so will have summers off.

How do you charge for holding a spot over the summer???? I told her I will get back to her but most likely it will be one flat fee or 1/2 tuition (so if she pays $200 a week it will then be $100) but this seems like a lot...what do you guys do??
littlemissmuffet 08:44 PM 01-16-2012
I charge $15 a day for holding a spot, no matter the circumstances. For me, it would average out to be about $700 to hold a spot over the summer.
bice99 11:55 PM 01-16-2012
I charge half rate - due on the first of the month, just like normal tuition. Non-refundable. One month's notice to terminate agreement. $ is due regardless of provider vacation, etc. I tell parents that I am losing out on FT tuition during the time I am holding their spot. I taught for 11 years and have had many teacher's kids. They all pay. For summer, it's actually all due by June 15th. I let the kids come 1/5 of normal hours each week. I determine day of the week and hours. If they or I am out of town, they still pay. It's a courtesy; they are not paying for that time. I just want the kids to remember me and I like to see them grow over the summer. Makes the transition easier in the fall.
Cat Herder 05:46 AM 01-17-2012
I don't change my rate at all. My rates are based on the entire year attendance (50 weeks open). I'd have to go up a LOT on my weekly rate to offer that service. (think flat-rate with your power company)

Their pay is set-up that way as well. They do not go without income all summer.

Mine just bring their kids in the summer, as they wish. Their slot is always available during opening hours.

It has never been an issue.
melskids 05:48 AM 01-17-2012
in the past, i have always filled the spot with a school ager, and not charged the teacher family.

I am no longer accepting SA, unless they grow up with me, so i think, should i ever get a teacher family again, i will require them to still attend 2 or 3 days (or at least pay that much to hold the spot.)
AnneCordelia 06:55 AM 01-17-2012
My teacher family pays regular rates all through the school year. They do not get vacation time. They pay for Christmas break and Spring break and their children are not to attend during that time. It is the pay for those 3 weeks that holds their spot for the summer so that they can return in September and not pay for the summer.

I only do this for teachers who start before xmas break for that school year though.

I'm not sure what I'd do for a teacher starting after. Probably have them pay half fees for the holidays that they want off.
Blackcat31 07:50 AM 01-17-2012
I am the same as Catherder. They pay for their spot ALL year. They have the summers off, I do not.

If they choose to withdraw and take their chances, well...that's up to them. In all the years I have done care, I have never had the room to take them back in the fall.

Most teachers around here know they have to pay all yearor be daycare hoppers.
momma2girls 09:07 AM 01-17-2012
I take all teacher's children. This is what I do- 2 weeks to hold the spot, plus another 2 week pay, to go towards their first 2 weeks of daycare when they start back up in AUg.
I did only have 2 weeks, but someone found somone else(best friend goes there) a week before school started again. So I went up when this happened to two weeks, plus another 2 weeks. This other daycare was $10.00 a week cheaper than I was also!!
Crazy8 10:01 AM 01-17-2012
I avoid teachers for this reason. I have 2 people interested in my next infant opening and I am not taking either because they are teachers! I wouldn't be able to charge them for the summer - no way would it fly around here. Daycares are hurting for kids, they could go anywhere and just unenroll for the summer. They wouldn't sign with me if I told them I was charging full or even half rate during the summer.
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