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MommyofThree 03:10 PM 02-05-2012
One great thing I got my group license. But I never claimed before. HELP me tell parents that they have to pay for spot and not week and I charge two familys 150 for two kids. How do I charge more and by how much and For part timer, should I tell them that they pay for spot or should I keep theirs daily. urg this is all new
cheerfuldom 07:05 PM 02-05-2012
you have to figure out what you want your program to be and work towards that and cut every that doesn't fit in. We cant make those choices for you. The vast majority of us have full time kids only that pay every week regardless of attendance. It is up to you if you want to consider part timers or drop ins.
Cat Herder 06:41 AM 02-06-2012
I am running short of time...Retraining Day....but I added some tags to lead you to LOT'S of posts about this subject.

Also, NAFCC is having a training webinar hosted by Tom about this stuff. I got an email about it today. I believe it said it was good for 1.5 hours, too.. May be worth a look for you. (under "training institute" tab on the NAFCC website, too)
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