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tinytreasures01 05:47 AM 10-10-2014
I am looking to sell my daycare business.. Located in Western, PA.. My wife is the director and she would like to dedicate more time to our children.

Please call me at 724-624-1860 and I can give you any and all details. In short, we rent about 4000 sq feet of space and have current enrollment of a about 60 children ( a mix of full time and part time). Current monthly revenues around $15K-16K.

You can also email me at

thanks in advance..
Sugar Magnolia 07:26 AM 10-10-2014
What is the price?
tinytreasures01 06:35 AM 10-13-2014
I am asking $60,000... this was my initial loan amount when i first started up the daycare in 2007. Just looking to get back what I put in, however our enrollment is more than double than it was from the start
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