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SW9083WS 11:34 AM 02-16-2019
Good afternoon everyone,

I am new here. I run a daycare center and am looking at options to rent out a gym a couple times a week for my children to play in.

I am thinking of having different zones and such in the gym so they can go from one activity to the next.

What is a reasonable price to pay to rent out a spacec that normally is not being used during daytime hours for my daycare?
Michael 12:54 PM 02-16-2019
Welcome to the forum. Where is your gym located?
storybookending 05:52 PM 02-16-2019
I think it would depend on location. I would look into if any churches in your area have gyms. There’s one in my area that a friend of mine ran a basketball coaching business (player in a pro league in Mexico) out of and they never charged him a dime.
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