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Vanka 02:12 PM 02-05-2022
Hi all,
I have a licensed daycare in CA, and i have received Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for as long as it was available. I have received a notice to provide proof that i was intending to resume self-employment and sent by license photo. I have received a determination letter that says " YOu are not eligible to receive PUA benefits for any weeks of unemployment ending on or after December 27, 2020.
Has anyone received a decision like this and appealed it successfully?
i don't know what to do, i was never able to operate back on full capacity for a number of reasons.
1. I live in SF and LOTS OF families with young children have left the city
2. Most families with young children don't want to send their kids to daycare due to the fear of getting infected by Covid. SF parents are crazy hysterical about this.
3. I have 3 kids myself. Their schools were closed until August 2021. This means, that I was automatically losing 3 spots to offer to prospective children because my own children are forced to stay home and they count towards the licensing capacity requirement.

What do you suggest i do? how do I appeal? It feels unfair I have to pay back all the money received when i was directly impacted by our state/county shutdowns...
Michael 09:15 PM 02-05-2022
Hi Vanka. Donít know if you were notified, our members are on the new forum. Suggest you post your question there.
Vanka 10:31 AM 02-06-2022
Ah, i didn't know. thanks for letting me know
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