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Dia 06:29 PM 02-25-2014
I am trying to help my very wonderful DCP find a provider in NY. She will need someone starting April 7th for sure. DCG will be 18months on April 11th. Super sweet baby and an awesome mom to work with. She will be living in Brooklyn and working on Staten (sp?) island. Any help would be appreciated ladies! Thanks!
Dia 06:55 PM 02-25-2014
Baby girl has been with me since she was 6months. She is super intelligent, Mom is a NP and dad is currently finishing up residency to be a Psychiatrist there in NY, this is the main reason for mom moving back. Dad still has a while to finish up. DCG knows most of her primary ASL signs and is already saying LOTS of words clearly. I would really like to see her in good hands as I will miss her dearly....she is slightly spoiled but nothing that is too upsetting (she is and has been my youngest for a while) has made full transition over to sippy cup, eats wonderfully and naps on a mat (fully transitioned to 1 nap a day) I will need to speak with mom on new schedule but she is on extended hours here (8a-8p) and also needs every other weekend.......I will ask about new schedule in the morning.
Dia 05:29 PM 02-27-2014

parents would need M-F approx 8-5

Would like a home daycare setting, nanny or nanny share. Would really like her to be around other children. Will do center if that is only option.

What are approx rates in New York in this area as far as a home daycare, center etc.? Dcm called a couple of places but they would not give rates over the phone. She would really prefer somewhere nice, with a curriculum, etc. money is not this moms main priority she really wants the best for her baby, but within her means if that makes sense.

Any references or suggestions would be welcomed. She will not have much time to do interviews once she is moved before she starts work. Thank you
daycarediva 05:34 PM 02-27-2014
I only know someone in Queens.

She is going to be paying for quality daycare in that area, NY varies WILDLY in price range, but anything near the city is expensive.
Dia 05:45 PM 02-27-2014
She is already paying me approx 200/week this is high for this area but includes her extended hours. She will only be working 30 hours a week now, We don't know exact hours because of drive times etc. she will pay for quality, she is very much invested in her child,(she lost her first baby as a newborn). I am the only provider that she has ever had (besides her sister for a short time). She is becoming anxious already and keeps asking how to find a good provider so I am trying the best I know how....
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