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WImom 11:40 AM 05-05-2011
Do you all have a patio type area for the kids to ride scooters/ride on's or do they ride on the grass?

This is my first spring/summer doing daycare at this house and right now we just have grass. I'm trying to figure out if I want to put a cement slab in.

I'd like to know what works for you, something other than concrete? It looks like it will be about $700 to add a good sized concrete patio so I'm not sure if concrete is the way to go.

Will just grass work? or something else?
kidkair 11:46 AM 05-05-2011
I have a sidewalk going through my yard because our front yard is the bigger one and is fenced. However, the bikes and ride on toys get used in the grass all the time. We generally use the sidewalk for drawing with chalk and for running in winter months. I'd say leave it as just grass this year and by the end of the season you'll have a better understanding of what you want/need in your yard.
SunflowerMama 11:56 AM 05-05-2011
I have a small concrete slab (10ftx10ft) but I'm adding a little sidwalk off of it to our fence with pavers to extend their riding area.

With it being so small they ride on it a bit but always end up on the grass as well.
AnythingsPossible 12:31 PM 05-05-2011
My licensor made the suggestion to make a path using pavers. You could go along the whole perimiter of your yard.
SilverSabre25 12:38 PM 05-05-2011
We just pulled down our old 3-season room (I guess that's what it was?) to get at the concrete slab underneath. Now we have about 300 sq ft of concrete on which to ride things, draw with chalk, and play in the winter months. It will rock (once I finish getting the carpet off of it and the carpet glue off of it and the fence around the steps made safer and a gate across the steps...)
PitterPatter 06:13 PM 05-05-2011
I have a cement walk surrounding the house and a small 12 x 12 cement patio. The rest is yard around the house surrounded by chain link. I like the cement walk and patio for the kids to use chalk and ride on. The toddlers have a hard time riding bikes and ride-on-push toys in the grass. We also use the patio for our outdoor crafts and gardening as well as family cookouts. I thought about building a wrap around deck but I already have a very long porch running the length of the house so I am still undecided.

If I were u I would ponder it for at least a few months if not a whole year. If u should happen to chage your mind after laying the concrete that's going to be an expensive change to have removed.
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