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DaycareMama 10:54 AM 04-12-2012
So i just had to spend an obscene amount of money to fix my back yard to meet new playground regulations... as they are pouring the mulch I am watching all the stray neighborhood cats eyeing it up.

How can I keep the cats from using the mulch for a litter box?

Prior to fixing the yard these cats were already using my back yard for some reason. (probably cause it looked like a crap hole )
Blackcat31 12:06 PM 04-12-2012
My neighbor's cat thinks my 14 ft x 14 ft sandbox is a giant litterbox for him so we purchased this:

We bought it from Menard's and you can get it ready to spray or in concentrate so you can mix it yourself. It is safe to use around kids, vegetation and plants as it is made with organic ingredients. It also seems to stay put (even after rainshowers etc) and we have only had to reapply after about 30 days or so.
DaycareMama 03:36 PM 04-12-2012
Thank you blackcat . I just got off and ran out to look at the progress and sure enough there was already one darn cat in there!!
Hunni Bee 03:37 PM 04-12-2012
Thanks for this thread.

We just had mulch put down yesterday and we were very reluctant to get it. We bought that rubber gravel stuff last summer and before we could get the second load down it was full of cat crap.
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