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Provider_Manda 06:37 AM 01-16-2013
All I have is a kitchen set with lots of play food and dishes..and baby dolls. I really have no dress up clothes or anything like that. I am looking for ideas that the kids will love, but yet won't break the bank to get it. I was looking at dress up clothes and was shocked by how much these little outfits cost!!

I have more girls in my care now and they love to play I really want to give them more of an option to play with. I have a 3 year old son, so of course I have tons of boy toys..but Im really lacking in the girl department
Willow 07:17 AM 01-16-2013
I like to shop for dress up clothes after Thanksgiving on Craigslist and the second hand kid stores. My collection includes police, fire, race car driver, doctor/vet, all kinds of sports, super heros, construction worker, photographer (have a bunch of old broken cameras on neck straps), mechanic, zoo keeper, bugs, various animals and of course lots of princesses and witches lol

I have three big comforter sized bags full and I'd be willing to bet the whole lot cost me under $50
Rubysmom 07:32 AM 01-16-2013
Garage sales and 1/2 price after Halloween is where I got my dress up clothes. I have about every kind of hat you can imagine, fancy dresses, super hero costumes, community helpers and lots of accessories.
butterfly 07:42 AM 01-16-2013
I've gotten lots of things from thrift stores. I usually get regular kids clothes but in a slightly larger size that they can fit into over their own clothes. I've found cute frilly "princess" dresses or suit coat sets for the boys. Old purses are popular here too.

I always shop the day after holidays and get things at a great clearance price.

Right now my kids are really into infant blankets. They use them for their dolls or the boys use them as capes and play super heros. They also put them on their heads for long princess hair, they'll use them as a barber's "bib" and do pretend hair cuts... it's fun to see the kids use their imaginations in so many ways with one simple piece of fabric.
Crazy In Mo 09:18 AM 01-16-2013
I buy costumes at yard sales. This past summer I got a transformer, cop, Spider-Man, construction worker, fireman and army outfits. I think I paid $5 for all of it.
cheerfuldom 09:49 AM 01-16-2013
Put up a huge mirror. then a little bit of storage to hold big pieces of fabric instead of costumes....thats much more creative for the kids! add accessories only like hats, purses, jewelry, shoes, gloves, etc.
Crystal 01:19 PM 01-16-2013
Raid your own closet, as well as hubbbies.

Got a long sleeve, white button up shirt? Use it for a doctor's jacket. Add a cheap doctor kit. Blazers? add a briefcase, old computer keyboards, etc. and you have office/teacher.

Add hats, old dresses, old shoes, costume jewelry, purses, wallets. Boots, scarves, gloves, backpacks, an old pet bed and pet food dishes with a couple of stuffed animals.....

Take old tshirts, cut a slit up the middle on the front, except leave the neckline in tact and you have capes.

Restaraunt : add a tabelcloth to a table, a vase with flowers, placemats, etc. Pick up some to go menus form a local restaraunt. At pizza places ask for pizza boxes and to go menus. Chinese restaraunts have awesome placemats with their zodiac on it, grab a few of those, laminate them, add the to go menus, also get the free chopsticks to add, cut up yellow yarn and put in a bowl and they have noodles.....

Camping - make or put up a real tent, add some pieces of wood for a fire pit, sleeping bacgs,backpacks, etc. Make fishing poles out of sticks and string.
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