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Unregistered 06:07 AM 04-11-2017
Looking for advice or tips other than baby wearing.
I just opened my daycare, I have my own 12 week old baby and took on a 15 week old baby who was a joy for the first week.... since then he has become quite a nightmare. He cries, a lot. I've ensured all his needs are met but he simply wants to be held all the time. He stops crying the second I pick him up. I can't hold him all day while I have my own infant to tend to as well (she also does not get held all day) I'm just not sure if I should give this family notice that it is just not working out or keep trying....thoughts? Advice? Baby is on meds for reflux and is breastfed.
KiwiKids 10:11 AM 04-11-2017
If he's held constantly at home and that's not likely to change, you are better off letting him go now. Sometimes they come around but I know it was very hard to manage when the other infant was my own little one. Talk to mom and dad and see if they are willing to work with you. One tidbit of advice I give my new parents of infants is to not rush to pick them up if they are in the middle of something. For example, if mom is folding laundry and has three items left when baby starts to fuss, pick a song and sing while finishing up and then get baby immediately after... use the same song every time. Then you can sing the same song during daycare and it can keep the little guy from ramping up the cries while you feed your baby or change her diaper.

Don't hesitate to term if it doesn't improve though. This time is too precious with your little one to spend it stressed out.
AmyKidsCo 01:08 PM 04-11-2017
Why not baby wearing? (Simply curious, no judgement at all!)

Can you use a swing or vibrating bouncy seat? I know some places are "anti-container" but sometimes you need a little help to get through the fussy phase. IMO the 3-4 mo old age is the hardest because they're awake longer and want to do things but can't. Once they're able to grab at toys and sit up they can entertain themselves.
Cat Herder 07:35 AM 04-12-2017
I added tags below to many threads on this topic. Please consider joining, it makes it so much easier to search all the archives.

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Sahmmie 07:57 AM 04-13-2017
I had a baby like that. The problem with him was that he was exhausted from lack of sleep. Once I got him napping several times a day he became a little angel.
bklsmum 04:24 AM 05-17-2017
I would have a long talk with his parents and really lay out what you need them to be doing at home and then set a time limit on seeing a change.
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