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lovemykidstoo 06:18 AM 10-11-2017
I've had the same info sheet forever. I'm going to attach it here and see what everyone thinks. What am I missing, can it be reworded better, anything to add etc? Thanks so much!
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CityGarden 11:37 AM 10-11-2017
I could be reading your info sheet incorrectly but I would make sure to be paid prior to care..... so the Friday prior to care.
AmyKidsCo 12:23 PM 10-11-2017
ITA about being paid ahead of time.

I'm confused about meals... What do you feed older infants who are ready to start table foods? It sounds like you only feed formula and baby food until they're 12 months old.
springv 03:40 PM 10-12-2017
We always tell our parents that payment is due their 1st day of attendance for the week or if they are sick or on vacation, it is due their first day back
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