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Josiegirl 04:00 AM 09-14-2018
I know some of you handle week to week changes by asking for a written schedule ahead of time.
I'm now having issues with not knowing until I either send a text or day by day as changes occur. I feel guilty complaining because so many weeks dcb is only here for a coupe hours or less but they still pay me for the slot.

The dilemma is the dcm is sometimes called off or in to work last minute, and dcd isn't good about communication. An issue cropped up this week on Wednesday, still hadn't heard from dcd whether ds was coming after school or not. Dcm sent a text saying so-n-so would be picking up. I said oh, he's coming? So dcm sent a text to dcd and he immediately sent 1 to me saying 'I told you last week he'd be there every Wednesday. I didn't recall the conversation but that doesn't mean anything. But I clearly do not recall him saying anything about yesterday and today. Dcb didn't show up yesterday after school and have no clue about today.

In this situation, what would you all suggest? I know the smart thing would be to get a written schedule ahead of time but when it can change quickly because 1 is a nurse and the other an EMT, is there a way to work with that? Thanks all for your insight!!
Cat Herder 06:10 AM 09-14-2018
My 9 am cutoff time stops this. 9 am rolls around, I send a quick "Do you know where your kid is?" text and carry on with my day.

It made a huge difference in lesson planning and follow through. We can actually follow a daily class schedule now.
Blackcat31 06:27 AM 09-14-2018
Sounds to me like dad really sucks in the communication department.

I have one in a similar situation.
I am paid for the space (5 days) but the child actually only shows up for 3 out of those 5 days.
Usually it's raining so I automatically know dad is staying home with the child as his work is called off on rain days.

I didn't mind at first thinking "Oh, I am paid for full time but child only comes part time so it's a win win for me" but to be honest, it kind of screws with my day as we do plan (lunch, activities etc) the day according to the # of kids we have.

Over all it's kind of disrespectful.

The DCM always tells me "Oh dad didn't text/call you?" when I communicate with her about her child's whereabouts.

It dawned on me a few days ago that if mom knows dad is poor at communicating and I always ending up having to ask her where DCK is, why doesn't she just text me when she leaves home? She knows at that point if DCK is/isn't staying with dad.

Communication is so easy these days...

I don't really have a solution for your Josie but I understand exactly what you mean about it being annoying.
Indoorvoice 06:45 AM 09-14-2018
Oh so frustrating! I had a similar situation I wrote about a few weeks ago. I came to the conclusion that in this age of texting there is NO excuse for no communication. I wrote up new rules for my family and talked it over with them at pickup one day. I would say in your situation your protocol for them should be that they give you a written schedule every Friday for the following week. This could be as simple as sending you a text of their schedule. When/if a schedule change occurs during the week they must text you by a time that you determine. If you do not get a text and he shows up when you're not aware he's coming or doesn't show up when their schedule says he's supposed to be there, there will be a fee. I also have one parent listed as the designated schedule texter so I don't get the "didn't so-and-so tell you?" This is what I did with my family and it's going well so far.
daycarediva 11:05 AM 09-14-2018
I had the same issue with a SA child. Bus dropped off at 3:15, Dad couldn't ALWAYS be there to get her off the bus. She was never here for more than 1/2 hour (she had aged up with me, so that's the ONLY reason I allowed it).

She went from FT and me being SUPER annoyed when she didn't need me AT ALL, (and the parents paid her rate grudgingly)

They paid my drop in rate. I NEVER knew when she was coming but $40 for 30 minutes of 'work' was worth it. She even had her own snack bin since I never included her on the food program or planned meals since I couldn't plan for her.

that being said, maybe if it doesn't affect finances change him to drop in and charge accordingly? Some weeks i took a slight loss, others it was way more. SA income was my former 'fun money' so it was fine for my needs.
Josiegirl 02:16 AM 09-15-2018
I'm not sure doing a drop-in rate would bring me anywhere close to the ft slot payment and I'm already down in numbers so can't really afford it.
Dcb never showed up yesterday either. And yes, dcd is horrible at communication. Always has been. Well, I can't say that; he had been okay about it for the past couple months or so, but before that and this week, it's been spotty and aggravating.
One day I was expecting dcb at 3, dcd texts me at 1ish and asks if he can drop off dcb at 1:30 because he had an appointment. I go um, okay, thinking crap it'll wake the little ones up. I'm sure that appointment wasn't last minute.
I'm sure dcps don't realize even 1 more or less dck does take a little planning with our meals and schedules. And also because they're paying us for a ft slot, we should expect them anytime.
Grrr. it's just annoying.
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