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daycarebc 12:31 PM 01-29-2020
I have a 3 year old in my care who has been fully potty trained for 6-8 months. He joined me in September, and regressed a bit, as expected, because he had just moved cities, homes, daycares, and churches all in one weekend. He was back to being potty trained for 2 months and then regressed again, even worse. Now he is claiming to be terrified of using the bathroom, in tears when we remind him it is time to go every time. His parents and I are at a loss as to why he is so afraid. It isn't due to constipation either as I read that can be an issue. He does bm fine.
Michael 06:23 PM 01-29-2020
Welcome to the forum. Here are some threads regarding potty training regression.
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