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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>What Do You Use for Daycare Electronic Payments?
Jo123ABC 12:05 PM 02-19-2020
Hi everyone! What do you guys like to use for electronic payments? I would really like to offer that option to clients but don't know what to use. I often need to change invoices a bit and do everything manually/paper printed copies right now.
Cat Herder 12:20 PM 02-19-2020
I added tags to other threads on this topic below.
Ac114 12:33 PM 02-19-2020
Cash app and Venmo. Mainly Venmo though. Zelle is another one but I have not used it yet.
littlefriends 12:35 PM 02-19-2020
I take cash, check, or zelle. I just started taking zelle a few months ago and like it so far.
Baby Beluga 12:51 PM 02-19-2020
I love Zelle

It makes end of the year totals for taxes super easy too.
BlueChairBlessings 02:24 PM 02-19-2020
In a pinch last week, a parent paid me via Facebook payments. I normally only accept check, but they weren't going to be able to make it any other way. I bank at a very small, rural bank and money transfer was instantaneous.
jenboo 07:45 PM 02-19-2020
I use the kinder lime app for "daily sheets" and parent communication. I send invoices through it as well. The parents can pay through the app. I have the option to put the small fee on their end or mine. I have it on the parents. I still accept cash and check as well.
tenderhearts 08:59 AM 02-20-2020
I just posted about this a few weeks ago. I ended up going with zelle and I really like it. It is sooooo easy and the money is there like that.
Blackcat31 09:05 AM 02-20-2020
Another poster shared this info in another thread about electronic payments. Seems like really good information to know!

Originally Posted by jenboo:
Venmo cannot be used for business. They state it in their agreement. If there is ever a discrepancy with a payment, they will side with the parent because you broke their terms of service. Also, Parents can take back payments after the transition.

I use kinderlime as invoice through there. I have the option of having the parents pay the transaction fee so it's free for me if they pay online. I still accept checks and cash for those who do not want to pay online.

Msdunny 10:00 AM 02-20-2020
All of my parents pay me through the KidKare website. I just started using it in January,and I have liked it so far.
Jo123ABC 12:09 PM 02-20-2020
Thanks everyone!
Meeko 01:03 PM 02-20-2020
I've used venmo for several years now. Love it.
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