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CeriBear 06:38 AM 08-16-2020
I need some ideas to improve my dramatic play center. Since COVID I have had to put away most items in this center. Dress up clothes and baby blankets and bedding are not allowed to be used in classroom yet. My center has basically been reduced to dishes, play food, and a doctor kit. Iíve even added some small blocks and play tools even though these items really go in the block center. Anyone else have any ideas? Iím going to go to a coffee shop and see if I can get some cups so they can pretend to be baristas one day but without traditional dramatic play items Iím at a loss on how to rebuild this center.
Mariposa 08:55 AM 08-16-2020
-laminated menu (personalized for daycare name, landmarks. Ex stack of pancakes called Mt. Fuji)

-laminated $ for it.
-small fold up table for diners.

Plastic masks you can spray after each use?

$ tree slippers?

A backdrop (such as a top sheet, painted mural on cardboard)

Mini backpacks and wallets. I have 2 hard plastic tote things from $ Tree.

Plastic sunglasses to be sprayed per use? Depends on age group-not good for infant and toddlers.

I worry anything meant for the mouth like the coffee cups (great idea otherwise) will be worse than dress up. It would be either touched orally or really close and breathed on|talked into. That would cause more germs than a dress up outfit.

Stuffed animals and vet items.

Mini handled mirrors.
Mariposa 09:00 AM 08-16-2020
*economics. Tried editing and it did not work. Technology...
Michael 11:49 AM 08-16-2020
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