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Hunni Bee 09:26 PM 02-20-2011
I work in a center (3/4's room) and I want to add some things to my Dramatic Play Center. Right now its just the unit and table/chairs, play food and dishes, dress up clothes, baby dolls and clothes/bottles, etc and clean-up items. I want to include some theme prop boxes, maybe doctor or dentist, store, hair salon.

Where could I get the "ingredients" for the prop boxes? we are basically financially strapped, so buying these items are out.

I wouldnt mind buying them if they were inexpensive. The doctor box might include a couple lab coats, stethoscope, bandages, pencil and pad and maybe a couple empty syringes. Ideas?
melskids 02:51 AM 02-21-2011
i always say, bat your eyes and smile pretty and tell them its for the children, and you can usually get anything for free.

the doctors office has given me supplies, even a blood pressure cuff and stethescope.

i had a photographer give me a camera

the dentist gave me old xrays

the wallpaper store gave me a TON of out of date sample books

the fire dept gave me a ton of stuff they give out to school field trips.

my hair dresser gave me one of those old hard top hair dryers you sit under. i just cut off the cord.

resteraunts will give you menus, contractors have old blueprints, the pizza place will give you pizza boxes.

my sons' music teacher gave me sheet music

i was stopped in traffic once for road work, and talked the woman holding the stop sign into giving me her reflective vest. i literally took it off her back. that's my favorite "score" so far.

i could go on and

what do the parents in your class do for work? usually you can ask them for some things. i have one dad who works for a building company, and he brings me wood scraps all the time. one mom is a nurse, she brought me scrubs.

at yard sales, i always mention i have a daycare, and people are eager to get rid of their junk, so they usually give it all to me free.

also try and craigslist
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