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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>How Do You Handle The "Watch Me, Watch Me" Kids
Grandmaof6 03:07 PM 06-12-2011
What do you say to the child that when your attention is on another child or adult for that matter he is constantly asking you to watch him.

Especially outside I have a 8 month old in my care (which happens to be his sister) and when we are outside I of course have to give her a lot of attention. It feels like every few minutes he is saying "watch me". I have noticed that if I say okay DB I'll watch you slide one more time. Then a few minutes he will switch to something else and it starts all over again. Watch me bounce the ball or whatever.
nannyde 04:13 PM 06-12-2011
Have him do "watch me" with the youngest walker in your group. Tell him SHE/HE is the one who watches.

If Susie is the youngest walking/playing kid then tell him that Susie does "watch me".

So when he says "Watch me on the slide" say "Johnny tell Susie"
When he says "watch me on the swing" say "tell Susie"
When he says "watch me throw the ball" say "Susie"

So each time you lessen the words from three word prompt to a two word prompt then a one word promt.

Then if he keeps it up just point to Susie when he says it and look away from him. NO eye contact... no words ... just point to Susie

The idea is to get him to use his mates as his audience NOT you. The youngest walker in the room will love the attention and be an excellent audience. Match up the one who needs it most with the one most willing to give it.
Meyou 05:01 PM 06-12-2011
I'll watch two times per child since they tend to line up and want to watch them all. Then I tell them to go play. This is if we're outside playing and I'm not busy in the house.
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