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LazyDays 08:04 AM 11-15-2012
I just registered, so here I am in the newbie forum!

I am a newish mom (my baby is 10 months) and a SAHM. I've worked my entire life and being a SAHM has been a huge adjustment! I love every moment though!

I actually made the decision to stay home because despite the fact that I had an excellent job, childcare would have eaten my paycheck into oblivion for a new baby!

Anyway, we are doing okay, but DH and I got to talking and he brought up what I've been secretly mulling over in my mind for months - watching kids in my home. We have a small house but a giant yard, a huge park 50 feet away and a dedicated playroom. In my state I am able to watch 2 children other than my own without a license. I would only want to watch one child or a set of two siblings anyway, and would likely eventually get licensed in the future even though I wouldn't have to.

So, I did some googling and found this forum to gather ideas and meet others!
Blackcat31 08:20 AM 11-15-2012
Welcome to the forum!

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Michael 12:56 PM 11-15-2012
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