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Unregistered 02:38 PM 01-13-2010
Hi - Where can I get a good deal for daycare center furniture (use or new) ??? We are opening up a center in this summer. Please help. Thank you in advance.
GretasLittleFriends 09:53 PM 01-13-2010
It depends on where you are located...

Craigslist, used baby/children stores like Once Upon A Child are some places to start.

I've seen other providers use but I've never used them...
Unregistered 02:51 AM 01-14-2010 has nice stuff. it is reasonably priced, compared to other companies, and the quality is good. of course, if youre just starting out, its ALL

i use craigslist alot too, and
originalkat 05:48 AM 01-14-2010
But you might check out Discount School Supply online.
gbcc 08:54 AM 01-14-2010
I love discount school supply! ECMD is also another good one but can at times be more expensive.
Unregistered 01:52 PM 01-22-2010
Has anyone use daycareAtoZ? they are offering class room design services for free? To use their services I need to buy equipment and furniture from them (of course). Please let me know is anyone have bad experience with them. Than you for your information.
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