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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Pics Of My 12x12 Sandbox And Outdoor Area
jessrlee 05:41 AM 06-17-2011

the 12x12 sandbox my FIL built a couple of weeks ago. I just love the little seats on the corners!

My newest Little Tikes toy! I just bought it yesterday for 50$! The kids are loving it!

swing/ climber area. Sorry about the grass. It is so shady with the huge tree we have trouble in that spot.

bikes and ride ons. We have a huge driveway and the kids love to ride around on all of the bikes and scooters
PitterPatter 06:02 AM 06-17-2011
U have a very nice set up for the children! Great job on the sandbox too! Do u have a way to cover it? I have the turtle but sometimes it's not big enough so I thought about building 1. Only prob I had is how would I cover it. We have stray cats that would be using it.

Thanks for sharing your pics!
jessrlee 06:13 AM 06-17-2011
I have a big tarp that hooks under the seats. So basically you put rope through the gromets on all four corners and lay the tarp on the sand and tie it on top. Luckily enough they make 12x12 tarps that fit exactly
dEHmom 06:40 AM 06-17-2011
is that a weeping willow tree?

our hole yard is like that one spot on your picture.

as for covering the large sandboxes, this is what my dad did, because the tarps would rip, flap in the wind, sometimes would unhook and lift.

he took pieces of particle board, or plywood or whatever you want to use, and cut them. Ours was smaller than 12x12 so I imagine 1 big piece would be pretty heavy and hard to move. But if you cut 2 6X12 pieces or something. Then you could only lift open one side too if you didn't have many wanting in there. Then if you like, just staple all around a tarp on top of the boards just to give them some protection but you don't have to .
PeanutsGalore 10:27 AM 06-17-2011
Awesome! We're just starting to fix our yard up for outside play. Love the ideas...where did you pick up that toy for $50? I really, REALLY don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a toy they'll outgrow soon. I should probably start haunting CL.
jessrlee 10:39 AM 06-17-2011
I noticed that a neighbor had older children and that they kept moving it about the yard to mow so I offered to move it to my house for $50
rbmom 03:03 PM 06-18-2011
Looks great! Love the sandbox!
sharlan 03:18 PM 06-18-2011
I love your sandbox, would love to have one. The problem is, so would my cats.

You have a very nice back yard.
Abigail 09:13 PM 06-18-2011
I love HOME-built sand boxes. I hope that can be a project someday that my dh and I could tackle as long as my dad was around to cut them to size.

If you really think about sandbox creativity, you could get unique with one. I know we get a lot of rain here so I would want something to make a dome or roof angled shaped when it's covered to prevent water for hanging around until it's uncovered.

One thing if you don't like the wood edge of a custom sandbox is to get foam fun-noodles (swimming seasonal item for $2-$4) and slice them to long way to hug the wooden frame and screw them into the wood edge

The built-in seats are actually standard as they support the walls of the sandbox.
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