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flying_babyb 10:18 PM 08-02-2017
Ok so the kid that had the bites was given meds for a staph infection. Mom (speaks very little English) says its bed bugs. sister is un-bitten. Is this possible? If so how do the staff avoid getting them in their home? They dont bring a diaper bag but per state rules bring a blanket and pjs. I'm a worrier!
Michael 01:28 AM 08-03-2017
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Ariana 10:10 AM 08-03-2017
The only way to avoid them is to either exclude the child or refuse anything from home brought in. You will need to check this kid head to toe upon arrival and put her in new clean clothes, placing her home clothes in a bag.

It is likely she had bed bug bites, then scratched the bites getting a staph infection. She may have both.
hwichlaz 10:38 AM 08-03-2017
two of my own children have had a spider bite turn staph infection

bed bugs...NOTHING from home would come into my house, including the clothes on their backs
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