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Fjordbak 10:45 AM 08-23-2011
I am from Denmark and have been working as a daycare provider for two years. I hold a BA in social education and love to use my skills to provide a loving and encouraging environment for 'my' kids.

I currently have 4 kids aged 1-2.

I have 3 kids of my own, twins at 4 who are in kindgarten and a 1st grader at 7 - all boys!

I read here to get inspiration and to broaden my horizon.
Michael 11:36 AM 08-23-2011
Welcome to the Forum. I upgraded your status. Do you live in Denmark now?
Fjordbak 11:46 AM 08-23-2011
Thank you for the welcome message
Yes I live in Denmark.
Blackcat31 01:43 PM 08-23-2011
Welcome!! I imagine the rules and regulations are very different in Denmark compared to here in the U.S. and Canada. I hope you enjoy the forum.
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