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Driven 11:44 AM 10-12-2011
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and thank you in advance for the friendships/knowledge I plan to gain from this forum.

I'm in the Air Force and getting close to retirement. My wife ran an in-home daycare for a short time before we had an unexpected transfer. I've always enjoyed children and we have 2 lovely kids of our own. And I'm constantly thinking of what I want to do when I retire, they say the ideal job is what you would do in your spare time. Well I like kids so I'm kind of leaning towards running a daycare.

So here I am browsing the forums to see if this is something I want to dive into.
Michael 02:10 PM 10-12-2011
Welcome to the Forum! I've upgraded your status. You can post freely now.
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