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New Members - Welcome to the Forum!>Hi! From Ohio!
CLynn 07:40 PM 07-12-2013
Hey all! I'm a SAHM of 2 and have had my legally unlicensed home daycare running for nearly a year! I actually jumped right into it without research, no knowledge of contracts/policies or any of the IMPORTANT technical stuff. (Dream job, unexpected, excited for the opportunity!) It's been a good first year tho! I've learned a LOT and will be implementing changes where needed.

I was actually referred here via google multiple times during my research of home daycare, policies/contracts, etc. Then after lurking for a few days and learning SO much, I decided to join the cool kids and conversation! Thanks for having me. I look forward to getting to know you all!
Michael 08:03 PM 07-12-2013
Welcome to the forum. Like the avatar.
Blackcat31 07:11 AM 07-13-2013
Welcome to the forum!

Glad you found us!
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