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Unregistered 03:30 PM 04-29-2018
My friend wants me to watch her 2 children 20 hours a week. The children are ages 3 and 8 months. I'm at a loss!! Any advice is much appreciated!
Unregistered 06:56 PM 04-29-2018
Do you have a daycare? Or are you just sitting?

My advice to you, if you have a daycare would be to not be per hour, but instead per day. 8-6pm is a 10 hour day which is a full day of daycare.

However, if your doing a sitting job, charging by the hour may be more financially beneficially for you because if your doing 20 hours for lets say MINIMUM $12 an hour thats $240

Always remember that even though your friends, its still a job and requires a ton of responsibility and patience so make sure its also worth it for you
Michael 07:24 PM 04-29-2018
Here are many threads on Rates:
284878 04:51 AM 04-30-2018
Are you doing this in your home or in their home? Are you doing it in their home you're considered a nanny and they have to pay employee taxes. If you're doing this in your home then you are a business owner and you would have to pay your own taxes.
Also if you're doing this in your home you need to make sure that you are filing your state laws on daycares because not all states allow you to watch children in your home without a license.
And it would be best for you to consider a contract with either being a nanny or the daycare provider to protect yourself.
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