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Pumpingblack 09:20 PM 09-16-2020
Iíve been working at a daycare for over a year, iím still under 18 though, and I love all the kids and have worked with all ages with 1.5-2.5 being my favorite, I currently got put back in with 4-6 year olds after being with the same 1.5-2.5 year olds for 6 months and I really donít like it, my job has created so many blessings and issues in my life but leaving makes me feel so guilty, I feel bad about leaving the kids because all of them feel safe and cared for by me, especially the special needs ones because iím one of the only people who can work with them, obviously like most places itís also understaffed and I feel horrible leaving my coworkers because I know how hard it is but I get mistreated constantly and asked to work more than I can, mentally iím suffering and I just wish I never took the job in the first place, how do i get over the guilt. I canít quit properly because if the kids know itís my last day itíll make me cry but I donít want to leave them out of nowhere what do I do?
e.j. 10:13 AM 09-17-2020
Originally Posted by Pumpingblack:
but I get mistreated constantly and asked to work more than I can, mentally iím suffering
It's ok to put your own health and wellbeing first. Your coworkers are old enough (I assume) to care for themselves. If they are mistreated, overworked and suffering, they have the option to follow your lead and leave. There's no need for you to feel guilty for leaving them or the job.

It can be tough to leave the kids you've cared for and come to love but feeling sad and missing them is different from feeling guilty. Personally, I would say my goodbyes to the kids even if it means feeling sad and shedding some tears together. It's ok to show some emotion and cry a little and it's ok for the kids to know they meant something to you and that you'll miss them. Rather than allowing yourself to feel guilty about leaving them, tell yourself how great it was that you were able to make a positive impact on their lives if even just for a little while.
Ariana 02:27 PM 09-17-2020
You have to detach and let it go. Is it true no one can do it as good as you can? Thats a lot of pressure to put on yourself. Many people are capable and so are these kids.
springv 02:49 PM 09-17-2020
One why are you being asked to work more than you're allowed if you're under age? Two, if you're under age, is there another teacher staying with you at all times to keep the children and staff within ratio? Three, what state are you in and what age do you have to be to work with the children by yourself?
(I'm in Alabama and you have to be 19 to work with the children by yourself)
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